With the introduction of new fundraising technologies and services, there are more creative ways to raise money for your non-profit organization. Each step of the fundraising process, from marketing and prospecting to receiving money from donors, can be streamlined and customized to fit your specific needs. And by using a customer relationship management software, you can easily monitor these activities and measure their success.

If you’re trying to improve your fundraising strategy, here are some custom solutions that are easily attainable and effective for all kinds of NPOs:

Hosting auctions

With the use of fundraising software and donor management tools, auctions are easier to coordinate and more impactful than ever before. CRM can help you with all aspects of coordinating an auction, including marketing, scheduling, managing inventory, donor bidding and invoicing.

You’ll be more organized when it comes to keeping track of items and donors, since you won’t need to locate paper receipts or business cards. Instead, all that information will be available to you digitally on a centralized platform. When the auction is over, you can store data that is helpful for planning the next one, such as which donors spent the most money, as well as which items were not sold.

Turning to your donors for help

Sometimes, the best way to find new donors is through your current supporters. If there are people giving money to your NPO once or multiple times a year, then they clearly believe in your cause and want to see it improve. These are the peers you should target to help bring in new donors.

With fundraising software tools, your supporters can easily spread the word about your organization to their friends and families on various social media channels. Using peer-to-peer fundraising in conjunction with traditional marketing methods will cast a wider net and attract more donors.

Receiving donations through text messages

It’s your job to make it as easy as possible for your donors to send money to your NPO. Sending them emails with a link to a sign-up page is a good way to do it, but that still requires work on the donor’s end. By cutting down the amount of time it takes your donors to send you money, you can bring in more fundraising overall.

This is why text-to-donate solutions are so effective. The user-friendliness of donating directly from one’s phone is unmatched. Most people spend hours a day looking at their phones, after all.

Offering mobile memberships

Again, giving your donors the ability to participate with your NPO from the convenience of their phones is very valuable. You should offer them the freedom to manage their memberships and make payments without having to speak with someone on the phone, send an email or fill out paperwork. 

Another benefit of mobile membership management is data collection. Members will provide important details on their own, such as contact information, membership type, references, etc. Without you having to collect this data from them, you’ll save time and money. This process also requires no paper, making it the more environmentally friendly option as well.  

Identifying Donor Personas

Using customizable fundraising software will make your donor research strategy much more efficient. Every time someone donates or provides information on your NPO’s website, it can be automatically integrated into your CRM.

Examples of details that the CRM can capture and store include name, company, job title and social media profiles. After gathering a substantial amount of information over a long period of time, you’ll be able to create an ideal donor persona, which will help you better focus your marketing efforts.

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