Donations are a hugely important element to a lot of organizations, charity or not. Being the person responsible for earning the donations is a thrill and can be seriously rewarding. However, if you want to really hit the jackpot, you should be aiming to get recurring donations from committed, long term donors. This is a very hard task and requires a lot of planning and forethought on your part as you begin the approach. If you can succeed, you will be making a huge impact to your organization. So, with that being said, here are a few tips for going about securing your organization a monthly giver.

1. Make It The Only Option

Subscripted giving is a forthright but effective way of managing to gain monthly donors. “If a would-be donor opens up a gifting page and sees that there is a monthly giving requirement, what is really happening is a test”, notes Jason Isaacs, writer at BoomEssays and EssayRoo. “You’re testing their dedication to your cause.” Sometimes people will back away, but by simply making the proposition, you can make a repeat giver out of someone who might otherwise be interested only in a one-time gift. It’s a bold play, but a potentially fruitful one.

2. Make The Debiting System Simple

Ease of payments is an ever-important element to donation sites. Almost 100% of the time, this will be a web-based situation. Even the slightest clunky element could potentially land you in a whole lot of trouble: when money is being given at no cost, it can take the smallest hiccup in the process to change someone’s mind. For monthly paying, this is especially true. The debiting system has to be intuitive and un-threatening. If the account that they are gifting from doesn’t have any money in it, a donor wants to know that the donations will be held, rather than simply driving on, plunging them into debt.

3. Make It Mobile Friendly

This is an absolutely vital step to maximizing your chances of donations and repeat donations. “So much more of everything is done on tablets and smartphones these days”, advises Marcus Rashford, nonprofit specialist at UkWritings and Academized. “Giving donations, or in this case confirming monthly donations, has to be able to be done on the fly, remotely. This being a problem could cost you a donor.” It’s entirely worth the investment of time and money it takes to adapt your gifting site for mobile. Monthly giving might mean that they need to confirm a gift when they are away from their desk, so it’s especially vital for your cause.

4. Show Them Where Their Extra Money Goes

One-time donors probably don’t worry as much about where their money specifically goes: they want it to go to your organization but what you use it for is up to you. Monthly givers, on the other hand, need to be shown the difference between the one-time and the repeat gift. How does a recurring gift help your organization? Who specifically benefits? What changes have happened over time? All of these questions can be answered in a satisfying way to demonstrate to your repeat donors why what they are doing is so uniquely special. So, figure it out and get back to them, it’ll keep them on board a lot more effectively.

5. Tailor To Them

Donors in general want to feel like their hard-earned dollars are making an impact and they want to be thanked for that fact. The way that you interact with monthly givers has to be similar to that of one-time givers – but on a whole different level. Adjust your communications to recurring donors makes them feel specifically important (which they are!). Once they’ve signed up, you need to keep motivating them to continue, so treating them with a real sense of reverence can really help achieve this while also maintaining your success.


Scoring monthly donors is sort of the holy grail for fundraisers. Having a monthly boost without too much added work can be an great way to secure endless returns on the initial investment of your time and effort. But that’s not to say it isn’t difficult, so use these tips to help you in your pursuit of recurring donors!