When it’s time to host a fundraiser, finding volunteers can sometimes be difficult. However, a source of helping hands can be employees of the station. Encouraging staff members to participate in a fundraiser can make them even more of a success. There are a number of techniques broadcasters can use to motivate their employees to volunteer.

Gamify the event

Adding a bit of competition to a charity event can energize staff and facilitate more of their involvement. The fundraiser itself can be a fun, social event and employees can be split into teams that compete for prizes and bragging rights.

Things like a company softball game, office charades, or a company casino can be pay-to-play to raise money for the cause and the winners can be rewarded with things like a week of wearing casual clothes, gift certificates, tickets to sporting events, or other bonuses. Fundraisers can be engaging and the more employees can get directly involved, the greater the opportunities to raise money.

Match employee donations

Another option in getting employees more involved is by offering to match their donations or the number of hours they choose to volunteer. This would allow broadcasters to show their employees that they care about charitable causes and it can help ensure the success of campaigns.

Emphasize new skill development

Employers can offer their staff the opportunity to develop new skills through volunteering.  Staff members are able to take on roles much different than the ones they typically have.

Workers can volunteer in positions they have always been interested in but lacked any chance to explore. These new talents acquired during their volunteer hours can be applied to their standard roles and potentially enhance productivity. Signing up for managerial positions and other leadership-based roles will allow staffers the opportunity to grow as professionals. Creating these opportunities could also show that employers care about the continued development of their workforce.

Let loved ones tag along

Broadcasters could consider events that allow staffers to get their friends and family involved. More employees will be encouraged to participate in a charity if it creates opportunities for them to spend time with their loved ones.

The more volunteers that are available to assist with a fundraiser, the easier the event can be. Employers can reward volunteers for recruiting others from outside the company, which can promote more frequent volunteering.

Get seasonal

Holidays present ample opportunities for companies to host engaging fundraisers. Major festive events like Christmas toy collections, Thanksgiving food drives, and Easter radio-thons are quintessential affairs that are proven to be effective. Yet many stations expend all their charitable energy during these times of the year and nowhere else.

Labor Day, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, and numerous other holidays offer stations more reasons to host fundraisers that can be just as engaging, fun, and successful as the major holiday acts. Broadcasters that get creative with their ideas to raise donations could attract more employees to the cause.

Appeal to their emotions

It’s important that businesses inform staff of upcoming charity events and how they will impact others with their contributions. However, companies should also emphasize how much they value fundraising and other benevolent events in general. If it is well-known that a business truly places worth in whose contributions to the betterment of the lives of others, employees may wish to follow suit and volunteer more frequently. Stations that affirm their willingness to help others can open the door for staff members to do the same and show their altruism through volunteering.

Finding volunteers for company events within the company itself can be a challenge but with a few savvy techniques employed, companies can recruit more of the staff to work fundraisers very efficiently.