Automated regression testing is a key component in modern web and application development. The benefit is being able to deploy new code confident that you aren’t breaking existing things. Testing robots do the work while you sit back satisfied that your bot-army is making sure you’re shipping code with more coverage and confidence.

Here at Beaconfire RED, we have been working with a combination of tools that allow us to quickly design and manage automated regression tests (ARTs). ARTs are meant to handle automated testing of functionality using the user interface and APIs. Using browser robots, we can write ARTs to automatically complete tasks that would have traditionally been done manually by testers. Filling out and submitting forms, clicking on links and checking the resulting page, verifying text or elements on a page, testing that we get certain information back from an API request… most anything that happens with a web page in a browser, we can confirm using ARTs.

The tools we have recently adopted for creating and managing ARTs are Katalon Studio, Jenkins automation server and GitLab repository manager. With Katalon Studio, we can define objects on a page and quickly build out tests that interact with those objects. In this way we are creating robots that do the work of a traditional tester browsing the site. Our robots can quickly tell us whether or not our tests pass, and whether or not pages and applications are behaving as we expect.

We check our tests into GitLab, the repository manager that Beaconfire RED uses for managing code of all sorts. Using a git repo like GitLab allows us to easily share and collaborate on writing tests.


Jenkins automation server acts as our test runner, checking out our latest tests from GitLab and running them ad-hoc, on a schedule or as part of a build process. In this way, we can have Jenkins run our ARTs with every environment deployment. Whether we’re pushing code to development, staging or production environments, we can unleash our robots to test and within a few minutes know whether or not there are any regression problems.

Having ARTs available and ready to run at all stages of the development process saves us many hours of manually testing. And with each deployment, the ARTs add additional value as they continue to provide testing coverage to our deployments.

Have a question as to how Beaconfire RED can help you with your own automated testing program? Don’t hesitate to reach out.