Driving performance in your digital program, like any other fundraising or marketing channel, is at the end of the day about measurement. In order to measure, your organization must consistently collect effort performance data over the life of your programs. To establish those data baselines, your organization should focus on the key metrics for the big three channels:

  • Email
  • Website
  • Social


Digital should be your organizations’ leading email file growth source, where email is an accepted first bit of data to collect from a potential supporter online; Conventionally easier than first or last name and or address. Collecting emails is the best place to start a constituent’s journey.

Key email metrics include:

Email Metrics – Fundraising Email Metrics – Stewardship
Active email list size Active list size
Email open rate Open rate
Email click through rate (CTR) Click through rate (CTR)
Email conversion rate Ask conversion rate (for actions taken)
Number of gifts / Average gifts Stewardship emails should outperform fundraising metrics
Email unsubscribes

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Your organization’s website is one of your best data capture tools. Used correctly, websites and web pages can capture direct constituent data, like contact form information, or broad data about the types of people who are regularly visiting your website. As a marketer or fundraiser, you can use this broad data from tools like Google Analytics to better craft your messaging and page or form designs to your audiences.

Key web metrics include:

Website Metrics – Fundraising Website Metrics – Stewardship
Mobile vs. desktop traffic Mobile vs. desktop traffic
Site load time Page load time
Time on site Time on page
Bounce rate Conversion rate
Referring sites Referring sites

Social Marketing

Social marketing is now a well-established discipline within the digital fundraising space. While your mileage may vary regarding how much money your organization may have or continues to raise, if you play the long game, there are donors in these channels. Utilizing a thoughtful content strategy and advertising strategy, acquiring email addresses of those potential donors is a good starting place.

Key social marketing channel metrics include:

Channel Performance Post Performance
Number of fans/followers Reach
Engagement rates Number of engagements
Reach Click through rate
Frequency of posts Post specific:

  • shares, likes, retweets
Referring sites


By keeping an eye on these main key performance indicators for your email stream, your website and your social marketing over time, your fundraising team can better tune your messaging and message timing to those times and themes your audiences are best responding to. Moreover, you can consider spending less time on less valuable messaging, ideally only delivering the types of efforts your supporters most want to engage with.

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