Brand awareness is more than linking a logo to a product. It is about the relationship between the product or service and the customer. In the case of donor supported organizations, brand awareness means your donors know that your organization is the best solution and can identify with that. When thinking about rewarding your donors for their loyalty, it is important to keep brand awareness top of mind to make the connection even stronger.

  1. Keep your Name Front and Center: The most obvious reason to encourage brand awareness is to keep your organization top of mind for supporters, and potential supporters. Be consistent in your messaging and tailor your loyalty program to be on brand with your other communication.
  2. Foster Trust: Brand trust is everything when it comes to fostering loyal relationships within your organization. When you give your brand a personality that resonates with donors, you are more likely to receive sincere feedback and build a trust that will result in donors who give year after year.
  3. Create Association: Your loyalty program should come with a certain value, one that donors appreciate and will actively take advantage of. That value will become a part of your brand association, making donors feel appreciated and strengthening the connection to your organization. Create a mindset where the benefits of membership give them the warm and fuzzy feeling related to supporting your organization.
  4. Make a Physical Connection: Your supporters are obviously proud of the contribution they make to your organization, and thus likely to sport your brand at any opportunity. Tie a physical good to your loyalty program to give big recognition, in an easy way. Donors can be valuable “card carrying members” of your organization, making the connection one that stands the test of time in their mind their wallet!
  5. Get Social: Encourage supporters to share their experience on social media whenever possible, especially when it comes to gift giving. Let your biggest advocates compliment your organization and encourage others to get involved. Host events that get people excited and use this as an opportunity to create relationships. The most exposure your organization gets, the more potential to attract new, loyal donors.

Considering brand awareness in your fundraising efforts may not be second nature, but it certainly can make a big impact. Work on strengthening your organization’s brand awareness to result in more loyal donors who keep you top of mind.