Crowdfunding is the act of collecting small amounts of money from a large group of donors. With the fundraising solutions available on the internet today, many people are starting their own crowdfunding campaigns to manage small ventures and causes. Independent filmmakers, for example, often use platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo to get their projects financed.

NPOs benefit from this strategy as well. Using crowdfunding solutions can help you bring in more donations and widen your audience. If you haven’t already started a crowdfunding campaign for your NPO, now is the time to begin. As an organization that’s new to the process, you might be intimidated by getting started with your first campaign. But you don’t have to be!

Here are a few reasons why crowdfunding for nonprofits isn’t such a daunting task:

Managing crowdfunding campaigns is easier now than it was in the past

The internet has had a profound effect on shaping modern fundraising strategies. Politicians used to utilize crowdfunding to finance their campaigns by going from place to place and requesting donations from their supporters. Now, they can do it without leaving their office, and the same goes for NPOs.

With a user-friendly, customized campaign page, anyone with internet access can donate to your cause at any time. These online solutions allow you to market your NPO’s mission to potential donors, post content to engage with your audience and track your fundraising progress. And the best part is you can do it all from your laptop. 

You can start small

Let’s say you’re developing your first crowdfunding campaign, but you’re unsure of your target demographic and the best ways to market to them. You want to learn the details of your ideal donor, such as their average age and occupation, and which channels are best for reaching out to them, whether that’s email or social media.

Without substantial research or previous campaigns to refer to, this can be difficult. But if you start with a small group of donors and go through several phases of trial and error, you’ll gradually collect data and analytics that’ll help you focus your marketing efforts. Your crowdfunding solution will keep track of frequent vs one-time donors, as well as the results of different outreach methods. 

A compelling campaign will empower your donors

Fundraising strategies are successful when the mission is stated clearly and efficiently. People have short attention spans. In order to motivate them to make donations to your cause, you need to get your point across quickly. Why should they care about this? Who is it helping? How will their contribution make an impact?

With a well-crafted campaign page, including a simple design and engaging copy, your donors will learn everything they need to know about your NPO in a matter of seconds. To help communicate your message further, you can post other relevant media like pictures, videos and podcasts. Every page will also include a call to action, which empowers visitors to donate immediately after viewing the content.

Peer-to-peer fundraising will play a role

Once your crowdfunding campaign starts gaining some traction, your donors will do some of the work for you. Custom crowdfunding pages are easily shareable, which helps give donors the opportunity to post about your cause on their social media channels.

For example, when they make a donation, the page will prompt them to share the news with their friends, family and colleagues on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. This leads to more exposure and a wider network of donors for your NPO.   

It gets easier with each campaign

As you gain more experience working with different crowdfunding platforms and strategies, you’ll get a better idea of what works and what doesn’t. With the help of analytics and reporting, you’ll have a clear understanding of your audience and you’ll know the most effective ways to engage with them. Gradually, your exposure will grow and so will your donor-base, as long as your crowdfunding campaign is compelling and well-managed.

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