American Physical Therapy Association

APTA came to Allegiance for a full redesign including digital strategy, content and messaging work, information architecture, wireframes, and development.

What We Did

Analytics & Insights, Strategy & Planning, UX & Visual Design, Website Development

APTA websites

The Challenge grew organically until it became an unwieldy site with over 9,000 pages of content on 14 different microsites.

Redundant, out-of-date, and trivial content was cluttering up their website and making the valuable content harder to find. There was a lot of excellent content, but it lacked the context and prioritization to guide visitors. APTA had an inconsistent strategy around microsites and subdomains and lacked a topical organization across their sites.

APTA also needed more clear messaging around membership benefits, to remind members of their existing benefits, and to advertise benefits to non-members.

The Solution

They had already conducted excellent user research on their key audience segments, which we leveraged. We focused on consolidating microsites, content strategy, and CRO messaging to advertise membership benefits to prospective members, and to remind existing members of their benefits.

  • We conducted a content inventory and audit and created business rules to automate a first pass of content review.
  • Using scripts, we were able to identify existing taxonomies and then apply the new taxonomy to all pages to create a seamless user experience.
  • We worked with their team to develop guidance for when to use microsites and when to consolidate. The redesign of included folding in a major microsite:
  • We helped APTA prioritize content with a content inventory, using SEO and analytic data, and designed components to help APTA prioritize content on the site for visitors.


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