Learn more about the importance of nonprofit direct mail fundraising and Allegiance Group’s unique offerings.

Nonprofit Direct Mail Fundraising

Acquire, retain, and upgrade more loyal donors with Allegiance Group’s direct mail fundraising services.

Why Nonprofits Need Direct Mail Fundraising

Direct mail fundraising still accounts for a majority share of many nonprofits’ revenue, and this fundraising method also drives significant online giving.

For direct mail fundraising to effectively retain and capture new donors, your organization needs a data-informed strategy, the right mailing lists, donor-centric copy, and a compelling design.

Next, your nonprofit needs a trusted direct mail fundraising production partner who can deliver your packages to the right people at the right time, all within your budget.

Finally, you need a data team to compile information, analyze the results, and provide new insights into what works and what does not. Then, it’s on to the next direct mail campaign, harnessing insights from previous campaigns to run tests and conduct new audience segmentation.

The Allegiance Group meets the bill for all your direct mail fundraising needs.

Direct Mail Campaign Management

Allegiance Group offers full direct mail fundraising campaign management services. We take all the work of program planning, strategy, and execution off your plate. We’ll handle everything from retention, acquisition, and stewardship strategy to production and delivery.

At Allegiance Group, we manage small to enterprise clients across many sectors, strategically growing direct mail fundraising programs for the long term. Our successes include significantly growing sustainer programs, moving donors through the donor-giving funnel, increasing new donor retention year-over-year, and more. 

See our case studies for more details.

Copywriting, Design, & Development

There’s an art and a science to developing compelling copy written to inspire someone to donate. Your direct mail fundraising copy should answer these three questions:

  • Why should I give?
  • Why should I give now?
  • What’s the consequence of not giving?

To create an emotional response from the reader, direct mail should use the story of a single beneficiary of your services, whether an individual, animal, or family. Unlike marketing copy that describes or promotes your organization, fundraising copy should make the donor the hero. This copy should utilize You language rather than We language.

When it comes to direct mail design, everything should work to enhance the message, from the elements that make up the direct mail package to the size and color of the type. While poor design can impede responses from donors, compelling design can enhance an already strong package.

Printing & Mailing

Once your direct mail appeal has been crafted, you can rely on Allegiance Group to manage the details, including:

  • Printing and Variable Data
  • Data management
  • Lettershop services
  • Mailing
  • Inventory management

Our experienced production team will ensure that your campaigns are executed flawlessly, on time, and within your budget.

Testing & Optimization

Every direct mail campaign is an opportunity to improve your fundraising program. Those realizations come from testing.  

Rather than running with an idea and seeing what happens, direct mail testing helps you choose the strategies that are most likely to resonate with your supporters.

When developing your testing plan, we help your organization take the following steps:

  • State your objective:  What is the change you want to create?  
  • Develop a hypothesis: “If I increase the ask amount by $5, the average gift will increase and generate more net revenue.”
  • Determine how you will measure success: Will it be a rise in the average gift amount and total net revenue or another metric?
  • Isolate a single variable: Test one thing at a time, like the ask amount.

Acquisition List Planning

Allegiance Group is dedicated to growing your membership or donor program to its full potential through financially sound and targeted acquisition efforts.

Our services include intense data analysis, strategic list planning, and flawless list acquisition. 

Additionally, there’s no cost to using Allegiance Group’s high-caliber strategic list planning team! Our real-world list planning and quantity projections tell you if you are over- or under-mailing, which can have big implications on your bottom line. To reap these benefits, put our decades of professional list brokerage to work for you.

Our Acquisition Services include:

  • Strategic List Evaluation
  • Unbiased List Recommendations
  • Top-notch List Rental Execution
  • Tireless Pursuit of Exchanges
  • Development and Execution of Consortium List Buys
  • Best-in-Class Acquisition List Processing and Merge/Purge Services
  • Result Reporting and Analysis

Direct Mail Fundraising Enhancements

Using direct mail fundraising enhancements will increase response rates and broaden your message across multiple media channels.

USPS Informed Delivery Interactive Campaign

  • Enhance the value of direct mail by creating a new connection through digital content.
  • Target existing USPS Informed Delivery users with custom images and URLs to provide full-color digital previews of direct mail.
  • Use Informed Delivery Interactive Campaigns to acquire new donors and grow your existing supporter base.

USPS Informed Visibility

  • Informed Visibility enables direct mail fundraisers to leverage key information about their mailings to manage operations, confirm when mail is delivered, and adjust marketing strategies as needed.
  • Integrate Informed Visibility with digital media by using delivery scans to trigger personalized outbound emails to your direct mail recipients on the day their mail is delivered.

Ringless Voicemail

  • Deliver pre-recorded messages to donors or prospects without either party ever having to pick up the phone.
  • Because Ringless Voicemail allows recipients to respond on their own terms, it is an extremely effective and non-intrusive alternative to other forms of communication.
  • Pairing Ringless Voicemail with a direct mail appeal or email appeal establishes additional touchpoints, giving your message extra momentum.

IP Targeting

  • Connect direct mail to the internet by using IP Targeting.
  • Target specific residential or business locations by matching IP addresses.
  • Display your digital content by delivering ads to those people on websites they visit across the web.

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