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Analytics & Insights for Nonprofits

We go beyond the numbers

Nonprofit Analytics & Insights

Data is at the heart of every successful fundraising and marketing program – and it’s at the heart of everything we do at Allegiance Group + Pursuant. The insights our consultants uncover are what drive improvements in your fundraising program.

Our dedicated analysts and strategists help you identify the key metrics to success that you should be monitoring regularly. Then, our team dives deep into your fundraising and website performance data to identify opportunities and challenges to raise more money, spend more efficiently, and achieve sustainable results.

Our detailed reporting and dashboards will identify trouble spots in your fundraising program, allowing you to adjust strategies to get back on track and make smarter investments to increase your return on investment. And, beyond merely analyzing short-term results, we focus on the metrics that will set you up for long-term success, increasing conversion and retention rates, and maximizing lifetime value. This includes:

  • Donor retention rates by lifecycle stage (e.g., 1st Year, Multi-Year, etc.)
  • Cost-to-Acquire a Donor and Net Cost-to-Acquire by acquisition channel or platform
  • Break-even analysis to predict how long it will take to recoup your acquisition investments

Fundraising Analysis & Reporting

Detailed analysis is the key to great fundraising. It’s the story that the numbers tell, the actionable data we can use to identify new tests and ways to increase response from our audiences. Which creative and offer did best with what audience segments? What group needs special attention? How are donors and prospects moving across channels? 

As your partner, Allegiance Group + Pursuant will provide you with detailed analysis and reporting for all campaigns and channels, quarterly performance reports by channel, program, and more, and an in-depth year-in-review report. All reports will include year-over-year and multi-year comparisons, key takeaways, and recommended next steps, ensuring that learnings from every campaign are being leveraged in future campaigns.

We can customize our reports to your unique needs. Other reports we can provide include:

  • Special Board reporting 
  • Donor group analysis
  • Real-time, custom-metric dashboards accessible by your web browser
  • Strategic Growth Analysis – a multi-year trend donor analysis report 
  • Email deliverability 
  • And more.

Allegiance Group + Pursuant’s reporting will allow you to convey strategic goals, industry benchmarks, and program progress to your executive leadership.

Web Analytics

To be successful in our cross-device, multi-channel world, it is crucial to understand how your donors, advocates, and other supporters interact with your website and other digital properties. Which channels are driving the highest quality traffic to your site? Are there critical roadblocks on your site that are hurting your conversion rates and costing you money? Where should you invest your limited time and budget to maximize return on investment? Understanding your website visitors’ behavior is key to optimizing your site and maximizing conversion.

The only way to answer these questions with certainty is with data.

We have decades of experience providing a strong foundation of measurement and attribution. We do this with our custom implementations of Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager and Enhanced Ecommerce, and Adobe Analytics with Launch. We also create tracking and measurement plans that are compatible with nearly every major eCRM and CMS platform.

Optimization & A/B Testing

Whether it’s your website, donation form, mail, or digital campaign, optimization and A/B testing are opportunities to make incremental gains by optimizing visitor paths and donor journeys via testing creative, pricing/offer, or audience segmentation. 

To increase revenue, grow your donor base, and acquire more donors or advocates, we must innovate using best practices with strategic testing and optimization. 

When you work with Allegiance Group + Pursuant, testing recommendations are part of every Annual Plan. We’ll help you prioritize and implement tests to produce real and measurable results that will move the needle for your organization. 

Our conversion rate optimization (CRO) and testing strategists will create a testing strategy with a hypothesis for potential winning high-response tests that can achieve statistical significance. If audience size is a barrier to testing, we’ll provide an optimization plan based on industry best practices with analysis pre- and post-change.

Tests can include donation ask strings, list segmentation, copy, design, ad format, web navigation, donation form redesigns, and more.

For web and donation form optimization, the Allegiance Group + Pursuant team are expert users of web A/B testing tools such as Google Optimize, Optimizely, Virtual Website Optimizer, and others. 

Our team of strategists and analysts will help you identify pain points in your program and develop an optimization and testing strategy that will help you create better user experiences and higher response rates.

Multi-Channel Attribution

It’s no longer good enough to measure your marketing efforts’ success using a last-touch attribution model only. Giving 100% of the credit for a donation to the last email or direct mail campaign that a donor saw before making their gift ignores the many times along their journey that they saw or interacted with your organization. For example, the cultivation mailing they received, the advocacy petition they signed, the Facebook ad they viewed or clicked; all of these touchpoints play a role in that conversion.

Multi-channel attribution identifies the impact that all marketing channels and traffic sources have on your fundraising bottom line. Using multi-channel attribution helps you understand how your marketing drives performance and enables you to prioritize your marketing investments, spend your budgets wisely, and raise more money for your cause.

Our analysts will help you see the full picture of your fundraising and marketing program and improve your fundraising results by leveraging:

  • Matchback analysis of direct mail and email subscriber files
  • Google Analytics Conversion Models
  • View-Through Conversion tracking in Google, Facebook, and other advertising platforms.

Data-Driven Content Strategy

Content is the reason the Internet exists. It’s the reason people visit your website. We use data to evaluate your existing content and create effective content

Our process starts with a content audit to discover your highest-performing and lowest-performing content. We also mine your content for other patterns using natural language processing algorithms. We use data from many sources, such as:

  • Google Analytics (page views, entrances, goal assists)
  • SEO keyword research (search volume, your ranking, and backlinks)
  • Technical SEO, including Core Web Vitals
  • Your content (length, date, readability score, the content itself)

Then, we teach you how to write more effective content that helps both your audience and your organization accomplish their goals.


Data Enhancements and Analytics

Optimize your campaigns and increase your ROI with the help of our customized data enhancements and analytics tools. We provide insights and recommendations that will identify your best prospects and donor upgrade opportunities through a variety of tools and tactics:

  • Wealth screening (thanks to our partnership with WealthEngine)
  • Predictive modeling and file scoring
  • Donor profiling and segmentation analysis
  • Email appends
  • Reverse appends sourcing mail addresses for your email prospects
  • And more.

Market Opportunity Analysis + Creative Testing

Do you feel like there are more donors who would give, but are not sure who to ask or where to expand your marketing efforts? Market Opportunity Analysis + Message testing was created to help nonprofits discover who to acquire, the best markets for expansion, and the messages that will most resonate with your audiences.

We combine advanced analytics & experienced counsel to provide:

  • Qualitative market research conducted on donors who fit your ideal persona
  • A comprehensive list of your highest potential markets prioritized by their direct response giving potential
  • Detailed profiles of your most valuable donor segments for acquisition within priority markets

You’ll walk away knowing how to:

  • Generate greater impact by expanding your addressable universe of donors
  • Mitigate the risk of launching a new program or entering a new market
  • Produce maximum results by focusing your marketing and fundraising efforts around the right message

Mindset Segmentation Analysis

Understanding your constituents in today’s nonprofit landscape is critical to fostering meaningful connections and driving impactful engagement. Our service addresses core business challenges by addressing two core challenges many organizations face:

  1. How are constituents connected to my cause?
  2. What is their profile and how are they different?

Mindset Segmentation Analysis delivers:

  • Segmentation for Data Files: Identify up to seven donor segments with detailed profiles, giving insights into their motivations and giving potential.
  • Giving Potential Analysis: Dive deep into each segment’s giving potential, with recommended communication strategies and engagement tactics.
  • Dynamic Segmentation: Apply segmentation dynamically to your database for ongoing relevance.
  • Actionable Recommendations: Receive actionable insights to guide strategic decisions and maximize donor lifetime value.

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