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    Donor Retention: Now that You Have Them, Why Not Keep Them?

    Nonprofits, Digital Marketing, Direct Mail, Strategy & Planning
    Strong donor retention shows a healthy organization. Learn about donor attrition, donor loyalty, and how using data can improve your retention strategy.

    Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics: Tips for TrackingContent

    Professional Associations, Analytics & Insights

    Keep Them Coming Back for More: Renewal Strategies to Improve Retention

    Nonprofits, Public Media, Digital Marketing, Direct Mail, Strategy & Planning
    Learn how to use text message reminders, artificial intelligence, and second gift conversion emails to boost renewal performance.
    people holding donation icons

    Everything You Need to Know About Acquisition

    Analytics & Insights, Digital Marketing, Direct Mail, Strategy & Planning, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Ads
    Offset donor churn and revenue erosion with a right-sized annual acquisition plan that makes the most of both direct mail and digital channels.

    Update on Early 2021 Facebook Ad Changes

    Digital Marketing, Google Ads
    GDPR and CCPA are set to become the standard -- rather than the outliers -- and ad measurement is going to become more difficult.

    10 Ways to Increase Gift Giving From Your Donors

    Digital Marketing, Direct Mail
    Fundraising is a year-round concern for nonprofit organizations. Follow these 10 steps to increase gift giving from your donors and jumpstart your fundraising efforts.

    Google Ad Grants: Optimizing for 2021

    Google Ads
    Want to maximize the value of your ad grant in 2021? Watch this webinar to learn best practices and learn about new features.

    Persistence Pays Off: APT’s e-renewals help the station reach new heights

    Public Media, Digital Marketing
    Like most mature, long-standing membership organizations, APT had successfully managed its renewals through traditional methods for many, many years.

    How to conduct a T-test to test statistical significance of average gift

    Analytics & Insights, Digital Marketing
    So, you’ve just run a test to try to improve average order size or average gift. Now you need to see if you results are statistically significant.

    Google Analytics 4: What You Need to Know

    Analytics & Insights, Digital Marketing

    As if these last few months haven’t given us more than our fair share of things to worry about, Google Analytics has recently launched the latest version of its platform, called Google Analytics 4 (GA 4).


    5 Quick and Easy Ways to Make Your Website More Accessible

    UX & Visual Design
    When a website is truly accessible, it will be user-friendly, even for people living with auditory, cognitive, neurological, physical, speech, or visual disabilities.

    How to Fix Bot Traffic Using Google Tag Manager

    Analytics & Insights, Digital Marketing, Strategy & Planning, Website Development
    Has your website been hit by a bot attack? If you are using Google Tag Manager (GTM), read on to learn how you can prevent these bot attacks in the future.