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    Here are seven of the most effective fundraising tools your organization can use to reach more supporters.

    7 of the Most Effective Fundraising Tools You Need to Try

    Nonprofits, Strategy & Planning, Nexus CRM, Public Media CRM, WeDidIt
    Fundraising tools like WeDidIt’s online donation platform help get your fundraiser off the ground faster. Learn more about the top tools your nonprofit needs.

    Empowering Donors with Corporate Matching Gifts & Using Technology to Help

    Nonprofits, Double the Donation, WeDidIt
    Increase donor awareness of matching gift opportunities and use technology to give them the information they need to submit a match request.
    Learn more about how to get donations for a fundraiser by following these ten best practices.

    How to Get Donations for a Fundraiser: 10 Best Practices

    Nonprofits, Strategy & Planning
    Fundraising is a year-round concern for nonprofit organizations. Follow these 10 steps to increase gift giving from your donors and jumpstart your fundraising efforts.

    Digital Donor Acquisition Strategy Best Practices

    Nonprofits, Analytics & Insights, Digital Marketing, Strategy & Planning
    Digital donor acquisition strategy best practices for driving prospects to your nonprofit organization’s website using search engine optimization, online advertising, and email campaigns.

    Does My Nonprofit Need a New Website?

    Nonprofits, Website Development
    Alternatives to a new website that can help you make a meaningful impact on your nonprofit's digital footprint while maximizing your available resources.

    Allegiance Group and The Pursuant Group Merger

    Nonprofits, Analytics & Insights, WeDidIt

    How Workplace Giving Can Benefit Your Organization

    Nonprofits, Strategy & Planning, Double the Donation
    Workplace giving programs help charitable organizations drive more revenue, reach more supporters, and garner corporate support. Join Double the Donation and Allegiance for this webinar as we outline workplace giving opportunities and cover how to earn more from these programs.

    Get Ready for Google Analytics 4

    Nonprofits, Professional Associations, Analytics & Insights, BigQuery, Google Analytics
    Don't lose your data. Our experts can help migrate and configure your GA4 analytics to work with tools like BigQuery to retain and track the data you need.

    Direct Mail Donor Acquisition Strategies

    Nonprofits, Analytics & Insights, Direct Mail, Strategy & Planning
    Direct mail donor acquisition strategies to offset donor attrition and provide a new pipeline for future major donors.

    Key Performance Metrics for Public Media FY22

    Public Media, Analytics & Insights, Strategy & Planning
    Discover how your station is performing compared to others, then build a plan for next year that maximizes your fundraising program’s strengths and overcomes weaknesses.

    Re-Engage With Lapsed Donors

    Nonprofits, Digital Marketing, Direct Mail, Strategy & Planning
    Donor re-engagement after a lapse takes effort. Use these ideas to help strengthen your lapsed donor reactivation initiatives.

    How to Engage Donors Effectively with Matching Gifts

    Nonprofits, Digital Marketing, Double the Donation
    Donor engagement is a vital priority for fundraising organizations. Determine how to effectively engage donors with matching gift opportunities in this guide.