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    CRM Training: PODS + Allegiance Part I – Item Records

    Public Media, ACD PODS
    Join us for this two-part training webinar where ACD's PODS is used to create Item Records in Allegiance. We'll look at the actual PODS setup and add items that will be used during the August 2022 PBS drive.

    CRM Training: PODS + Allegiance Part II – Premium Records

    Public Media, ACD PODS, Public Media CRM
    Join us for the second of this two-part training webinar where ACD's PODS is used to create Premium Records in Allegiance.

    Why Right Now is the Best Time for a Fundraising Audit

    Nonprofits, Analytics & Insights, Digital Marketing, Strategy & Planning
    Performing a fundraising audit early in the new fiscal year will ensure that you have all the most recent data from the fiscal year that just ended, yet still have time to make program adjustments that will have a positive impact on the new fiscal year that’s ahead of you.

    Streamline and Optimize Your Matching Gifts Program with Allegiance + Double the Donation

    Nonprofits, Public Media, Strategy & Planning, Double the Donation, Public Media CRM
    Automate your matching gift program and track valuable insights for greater revenue for your organization.

    How to Audit and Boost Your Web Performance

    Nonprofits, Technology Evaluations, UX & Visual Design
    Learn about a variety of free and paid tools to test and measure how your site is doing, how fast your content is loading, and how users are perceiving content loading on their screens. And find out how to improve your site’s performance.

    Key nonprofit marketing channels: Guidance for 2022 and beyond

    Nonprofits, Digital Marketing, Direct Mail, Strategy & Planning
    Developing a nonprofit marketing strategy for 2022 and beyond starts with understanding key channels and trends. Learn more here.

    Introducing Contact Preferences

    Public Media, Public Media CRM
    Big changes are coming to the way you mail code your donors in Allegiance CRM!

    New! MemberCard Mobile App Webinar

    Foundations, Nonprofits, Professional Associations, Public Media, Loyalty & Incentives
    Watch this webinar see the highlights of the new MemberCard Mobile App.

    Key Performance Metrics for Public Media FY21

    Public Media, Analytics & Insights, Digital Marketing, Direct Mail
    Discover how your station is performing compared to others, then build a plan for next year that maximizes your fundraising program’s strengths and overcomes weaknesses.

    2022 3-Year Standard Broadcast Calendar

    Public Media, Traffic & Corporate Support

    Audience Strategies to Maximize Revenue: How to Make Your Database Work for You

    Public Media, Direct Mail, Nexus CRM
    Experts discuss audience strategies for all channels and database support for those strategies.

    Our Year of Email Deliverability Hell (and How We Climbed Out of the Fire)

    Get tips on email stewardship, engagement, email validation and audience suppression strategies that will help you create a healthy and reliable responding list.