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    Defining tiers and 4 easy steps to success

    How to Build a Mid-Level Giving – Part 2 of 4

    Nonprofits, Strategy & Planning
    Understand what “mid-level” means for your organization and 4 steps to start a successful mid-level giving program.
    Spotlight Your Mid-Level Donors

    How to Build a Mid-Level Giving – Part 1 of 4

    Nonprofits, Strategy & Planning
    Strategies for engaging, retaining, and perhaps nurturing mid-level donors for the next level of charitable giving.

    Year-End Fundraising Using Donald Miller’s StoryBrand Framework

    Nonprofits, Strategy & Planning
    How to use the StoryBrand Framework to your fundraising strategies to provides a clear path for developing a successful year-end appeal.
    image representing loyalty

    Donor Loyalty Best Practices

    Strategy & Planning, Loyalty & Incentives Program

    Audience Strategies to Maximize Revenue: How to Make Your Database Work for You

    Public Media, Direct Mail, Nexus CRM
    Experts discuss audience strategies for all channels and database support for those strategies.

    Our Year of Email Deliverability Hell (and How We Climbed Out of the Fire)

    Get tips on email stewardship, engagement, email validation and audience suppression strategies that will help you create a healthy and reliable responding list.

    Creating Integrated Data Dashboards with Google Data Studio

    Nonprofits, Societal Benefit, Analytics & Insights, Digital Marketing, Google Analytics
    Learn how League of Women Voters and Allegiance Group + Pursuant are using Google Data Studio to learn more about their site's users and optimize their campaigns.

    Blaze Your Own Fundraising Trail

    Public Media, Analytics & Insights, Digital Marketing, Direct Mail
    Hear how four public media stations broke away from traditional approaches and developed their own path to success.

    Fundraising Trends & Strategies for Year-End and 2022

    Disease and Health, Education, Environment, Food Banks, Human Services, Nonprofits, Public Media, Societal Benefit
    Acquisition and retention trends pre-COVID, during COVID and now, and how to optimize your fundraising program for EOY and going forward, as well as how to forecast revenue.

    The Ultimate Guide to Year-End Fundraising for Nonprofits | Analyze & Take the Next Steps

    Nonprofits, Analytics & Insights, Strategy & Planning, GivingDNA
    Evaluate your year-end fundraising results based on metrics such as targeted revenue, number of new donors, etc. Then develop a plan to convert year-end donors into lifelong supporters.

    The Ultimate Guide to Year-End Fundraising for Nonprofits | Evaluating and Planning

    Nonprofits, Strategy & Planning
    Whether your nonprofit has a tried-and-true process or whether you’re just beginning to think about your year-end fundraising, there’s something here for everyone, with tips and tricks for organizations large and small, established or newly minted.

    The Ultimate Guide to Year-End Fundraising for Nonprofits | Digital Execution

    Nonprofits, Digital Marketing
    Stoke excitement and awareness leading up to your year-end fundraising campaign via social media, blog posts, and other digital channels.