American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA)

GA Implementation Gives 360-Degree View of Users

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Google Analytics

AOTA Google Analytics on desktop

Analytics Tracking

Allegiance Group + Pursuant used Google Tag Manager to implement Google Analytics across AOTA’s extensive set of web properties, including multiple domains and subdomains. As part of this tracking, we created a rollup account with cross-domain and subdomain tracking. This roll-up now allows AOTA to see how a user moves across their main website, to their other properties, and most importantly, to revenue-generating sites such as the membership platform, conference registration site, and store.

In addition to the rollup, we implemented GA’s userID service and a custom dimension containing authenticated users’ membership status. The userID service allows us to see user behavior across multiple devices; while the custom dimension, Membership Type, allows AOTA staff to see what content active members are consuming vs non-members.

Other core features of the implementation include enhanced e-commerce which allows AOTA to see a complete “shopping” funnel of their site as well as a funnel for each transaction platform; and event tracking scripts such as scroll tracking, social shares, and more.

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