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High-level visualizations and analytics empower fundraisers to track & segment mid-level and major gift programs

GivingDNA, the industry-leading donor engagement platform, furthers its leadership in the market by announcing today the addition of Mid-Level and Major Giving Dashboards. This new set of dashboards are among many dashboards and features already included in GivingDNA. These purpose-built tools identify mid-level and major donor candidates as one part of the equation. The critical value is how the dashboard informs, profiles, and visually prioritizes them, enabling fundraisers to craft effective asks and
maintain strong donor relationships.

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The Mid-Level and Major Giving Dashboard are yet another tool in the GivingDNA ecosystem that broadens the ability to fuel success for fundraising strategies at every level of giving. This augmented intelligence shares actionable insights and functionality that fundraisers want and need to make informed decisions, including:

  • High-level visualizations of mid- and major giving programs 
  • Strategic segmentation within the prospect pool 
  • Gift officer portfolio management; Visualizations of gift officers’ performance
  • Differentiation and filters between mid-level and major giving programs

“Nonprofits are gathering more and more data but often struggle with what to do with it in a quick and easy manner. Data can often sit underutilized without directly informing next steps in fueling fundraising strategies,” states Dave Stanton, Director of Product at Pursuant.

“GivingDNA blends an organization’s powerful internal data with expansive external, third-party data and allows them to quickly see the ‘stories’ and segment their file to make more strategic fundraising decisions in a matter of seconds. We developed the platform as if it were data analysts and business intelligence officers all rolled into an easy-to-use platform.”

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The new dashboard also hosts the Gift Officer Portfolio Manager, which allows fundraisers to understand a high-level overview of each major giving portfolio and review major giving performance metrics. Fundraisers can also unlock dossiers of prospects in each gift officer portfolio, view a map of where prospects in their profiles live, and see several other patterns and trends about major giving officers. The technology decodes each supporter with major gifts, revealing elements of who they are and what motivates them to act.

“Our new Mid-Level and Major Giving Dashboards, alongside our powerful portfolio optimization tools, are key examples of delivering technology that serves as an ‘identity engine’ and sets the stage for smarter, easier, and affordable fundraising strategies,” states Rebecca Gregory Segovia, Executive Vice President of GivingDNA at Pursuant. “As the fundraising landscape continues to evolve in unprecedented ways, we are committed to building powerful tools, increasing functionality and intelligence that supports our clients in unique ways, empowering them to give back on mission and efficiently raise more money. We’re pleased to report that clients are already seeing substantive increases in gifts as a result of the powerful prospect identification and mid-level gift functionality.” 

GivingDNA clients are quickly adopting the Mid and Major Giving Dashboards to support their year-end and New Year fundraising campaigns. Please contact us to learn more about this product release and schedule a demo.  

GivingDNA, the leading donor engagement platform,  unleashes the power of data to innovate the power of giving. In a single platform, you can transform the way you identify, segment, and, most importantly, engage donors, no matter where they are in their journey. From seeking new donors to nurturing existing supporters and upgrading their giving, fundraisers turn to GivingDNA™ for automated solutions and guided insights to act on. To learn more and schedule a demo, visit GivingDNA. Fundraising made simple.

Founded in 2001, Pursuant is considered the industry-leading agency for delivering data-driven, full-service direct response solutions dedicated to helping nonprofits experience fundraising success. Rooted in analytics and insights, the company’s team of nonprofit and creative strategists provides expert guidance to an expansive group of nonprofit organizations to drive donor segmentation, acquisition, and retention revenue. 

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