Allegiance is proud to announce an enhancement to its matching gifts integration with 360MatchPro by Double the Donation. The 360MatchPro platform identifies corporate matching gift opportunities, automates matching gift outreach to donors, and reports actionable donor employment information back to stations.

The initial version of the integration scanned gifts originating from Allegiance online fundraising forms for matching gift eligibility. The newly expanded integration enables 360MatchPro to also automatically scan gifts originating from ACD Direct Simple Pledge before they enter Allegiance Fundraising CRM.

“Many of our public broadcasting station partners accept online donations through a variety of systems and centralize them in Allegiance Fundraising CRM,” said Rich Aukland, CEO of Allegiance. “With the newly expanded 360MatchPro integration, we aim to capture even more matching gift opportunities for stations no matter where their gifts originate.”

When integrated with ACD Direct and Allegiance solutions, 360MatchPro assesses corporate matching gift eligibility at many stages in the donor’s giving process, from online search tools to email domain screening to automated email outreach. Each additional touchpoint through the integrated systems is another opportunity to identify matching gift opportunities and kick off the matching gift process.

“Our core mission is to help nonprofits raise more from corporate matching gift programs, and the more deeply integrated 360MatchPro is into a nonprofit’s various fundraising systems, the more effective the platform is,” said Adam Weinger, President of Double the Donation. “We’re proud to partner so closely with Allegiance and ACD Direct, two organizations who share our belief that the best outcomes for nonprofits arise when their providers work together on shared, seamless solutions.”

The three teams worked closely together along with stations currently using all three solutions to formalize the optimal matching gift data transfer in the newly released integration.

“This integration enhancement is a natural fit,” said Mike Carpenter, Senior Relationship Executive at ACD Direct. “Our stations rely on the seamless transfer of data we enabled from SimplePledge to Allegiance Fundraising CRM and to 360MatchPro.  We’re continually seeking ways to facilitate new data connections that make operations easier and increase revenue for our stations.”

Since its initial launch, the integration between 360MatchPro and Allegiance Fundraising CRM has automatically identified hundreds of thousands in matching gift revenue for public broadcasting stations. Expanding the integration to account for gifts given through ACD Direct charts a path for even higher returns in the future.

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