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Fundraisers live and breathe by the data. But how do we project our way out of these extraordinary past 18 months? Join Liz Murphy, EVP of Client Relationships, Allegiance Group + Pursuant, and Roger Hiyama, EVP of Solutions and Innovation Group, Wiland, for a look at the fundraising trends and what they tell us. We’ll share acquisition and retention trends pre-COVID, during COVID-19, and now (coming out of COVID-19) to set the scene and show you the landscape. Then, we’ll provide advice on how to optimize your fundraising program for EOY and going forward, as well as how to forecast revenue.

Liz is an integrated fundraising expert with in-depth knowledge of direct response marketing, digital strategy, fundraising, conversion optimization, and creative strategies. She leads Allegiance’s digital fundraising team and health practice.

Roger leads the solutions and innovation group at Wiland, where he develops new product initiatives and data solutions to meet the evolving needs of the nonprofit sector. His focus is on data trend analysis, mid-level, and major donor fundraising, and new donor acquisition solutions using digital marketing”