Pursuant + Allegiance Group surveyed 276 fundraisers to understand the quarter-three trends they were seeing, how they are performing, and their outlook on the economy and overall performance at their organization. Results from the survey show that the outlook remains mixed for the economy and how it will impact fundraisers, but overall fundraising performance is overwhelmingly positive. 

Here’s what we learned from other fundraising professionals about their Q3 performance and projections, summarized in four charts.

Pulse 1
Pulse 2-1
Pulse 3
Pulse 4

Overall, our findings show that most organizations have mixed views about current economic conditions, but organizations continue to meet or exceed their fundraising goals. Additionally, most organizations plan to maintain their revenue goals for the remainder of the year, preparing to increase their focus on areas like upgrade giving, social media, or digital campaigns. Finally, the majority of organizations believe they need particular focus on efficient targeting through data-driven insight in order to continue hitting their goals.

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