Feel-Good Engagement Tactic for Guiding Eyes For The Blind

A simple approach that allowed friends of Guiding Eyes to post photos of their dogs on social media

What We Did

Digital Marketing

Working dog in a harness, on a leash

The Challenge

Guiding Eyes for the Blind needed a quick email and social media campaign to boost engagement and create a good feeling around the brand prior to another major campaign.

The Solution

Allegiance Group + Pursuant created the Valentine’s Day-themed #GEBPuppyLove, a simple engagement tactic for friends of Guiding Eyes to post photos of their dogs on social media with the hashtag, then see them aggregated on a landing page.

Three emails and a variety of organic social media posts got the word out. The landing page also featured sharing tools and a “Get Involved” section with links to donate, sign up for the newsletter or learn about volunteer opportunities.

The Results

With email open rates as high as 14% and clickthroughs as high as 2.4%, the campaign garnered nearly 250 posts in three days across three social media platforms. Although there was no ask associated with the campaign, and the donation link was subtle, it also resulted in nearly 40 gifts.

Going beyond the metrics of the campaign itself, we were also able to identify which social media channels are used most by Guiding Eyes’ followers to inform future campaigns.

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