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    156% Increase in gross revenue
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    Free Library of Philadelphia

    Nonprofits, Digital Marketing, Strategy & Planning
    The integrated Year-End Match email campaign is historically the strongest performing digital campaign of the fiscal year. We wanted to make it even better.
    1,383% More email signups
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    Food Allergy Research & Education Website Redesign

    Disease and Health, UX & Visual Design, Website Development, Drupal
    From user journeys to content strategy, Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) redesigned their website to better serve their passionate audience: people with food allergies and their support systems.
    Analytics provided a 360-degree view of users across web properties
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    American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA)

    Professional Associations, Analytics & Insights, Google Analytics
    Allegiance Group used Google Tag Manager to implement Google Analytics across AOTA’s extensive set of web properties, include multiple domains and subdomains.
    293% Increase in year-over-year revenue
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    The Climate Reality Project

    Environment, Digital Marketing, Salsa
    End-of-year fundraising efforts including email, social and search campaigns drove massive increases in first time donations for Climate Reality.
    250%+ more new donors over previous year
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    Human Rights Watch

    Human Services, Analytics & Insights, Digital Marketing, Facebook Ads
    What did we do when our entire year-end fundraising strategy for Human Rights Watch was blown up by a surprise election result? Answer: Embraced it.
    32% Increase in acquisition rate
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    Virginia Public Media

    Public Media, Analytics & Insights, Direct Mail, Strategy & Planning
    When it comes to direct mail acquisition, who and where you mail are even more important than what you mail.
    47% Increase in Acquisition Response
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    Valley PBS

    Public Media, Loyalty & Incentives, Loyalty & Incentives Program
    Valley PBS had been incorporating the MemberCard as a benefit of membership for quite a while. This membership benefit had always been part of their new member acquisition efforts, but the station was looking for an opportunity to further boost their direct mail acquisition response rate.
    130% Increase in page traffic
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    Austin PBS Giving Day

    Public Media, Digital Marketing, Google Ads
    KLRU came to Allegiance Group asking for help in making the most of this year’s “Amplify Austin,” a campaign designed to raise the profiles of and drive donations to more than 600 central Texas charities.
    Custom list model increased response rate without changing packages or adding to cost.
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    Iowa Public Television

    Public Media, Direct Mail, Strategy & Planning
    Allegiance leveraged IPTV's actual donor response data and built a list model customized specifically to find prospects most likely to become donors.
    23% Increase in gross revenue
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    Nine Network

    Public Media, Direct Mail, Strategy & Planning
    Dynamic, less aggressive ask beats longtime control and generates more revenue.
    190% Average year over year growth rate in new donors
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    Public Media Facebook Lead Generation

    Public Media, Digital Marketing, Strategy & Planning, Facebook Ads
    Country Music ads helped drive client calendar year end digital donor growth by nearly 190%!
    85% E-Renewal revenue increase
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    Public Media, Digital Marketing, Direct Mail, Strategy & Planning
    A program audit resulted in several small but key changes that highlighted a strong case for support and inspired donors to click through and give in a big way.