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    300,000 Web Visits
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    League of Women Voters “She is me”

    Education, UX & Visual Design
    Allegiance Group helped breathe new life into one of America's most beloved civic organizations with a multi-channel campaign named 'She is me.'
    19% increase in donations
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    Habitat for Humanity

    Human Services, UX & Visual Design, Google Analytics
    Allegiance Group worked with Habitat to create a new user experience and web design for that would also dovetail with a newly unveiled branding strategy.
    13% Increase in web traffic
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    Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS)

    Professional Associations, UX & Visual Design, Website Development, eZ Publish
    The newly designed website helps INFORMS tell the collective story of its members and their profound impact on our society, while better connecting members to each other and the information they seek.
    An invaluable tool to identify colleges that make accommodations for food allergies
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    Food Allergy Research & Education Database

    Disease and Health, Digital Marketing, Website Development, Drupal
    FARE created a searchable database for parents and students to easily find information about food allergy accommodations at different colleges.
    Over 700 stories collected
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    ALS Association

    Disease and Health, UX & Visual Design, Website Development, Luminate
    In 2014, the Ice Bucket Challenge brought the Association into the public limelight. We designed and developed the Ice Bucket Challenge website, including an interactive infographic showing how the 2014 funds are used to make strides in research and patient support.
    Two Unique Websites to Help Prevent and Cure Diabetes
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    American Diabetes Association

    Disease and Health, Analytics & Insights, UX & Visual Design, Website Development, Luminate
    Allegiance Group redesigned and built two, new responsive websites for the American Diabetes Association: and the Association's online magazine, Diabetes Forecast.
    New CMS & site design provides accessible content
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    Union of Concerned Scientists

    Nonprofits, UX & Visual Design, Website Development, Drupal
    A long-time client, Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) came to us for help selecting a new content management system (CMS) and to execute a new site design that presents the content in a way that is accessible and useful to both the layman and the scientific community.