Want to get a full 12 – 14 hours of pledge prep time back? If you’re an ACD client and an Allegiance Fundraising CRM user, you’ll soon be able to do just that; making pledge premium prep turnkey and hassle-free.

ACD’s Premium Organization Database System (PODS) provides the functionality to easily select the premiums you’re using, and then upload the gift codes, descriptions, vendors, SKUs and related data right into the Allegiance Expanded Premium Module, including the details for local programs and related premiums.

Allegiance software developers have been working with ACD to ensure a seamless experience that will make your job more manageable.

Allegiance provides both stand alone and integrated products and services including fundraising strategy and implementationscalable donor management software, and donor loyalty programs helping clients meet not only today’s needs but fostering continued growth in the future.

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