Over the years, your member base has likely changed. From engaging with boomers to now connecting with millennials, there is a shift in who is contributing to your organization and why.

Adjusting how you say Thank You is step number one, but this also carries over to your Loyalty Program and how you retain and routinely communicate with these members. Making sure touchpoints are relevant, timely, and as personalized as possible is critical when exploring member engagement.

Here are just a few ways to interact with members through your Loyalty Program:

  • Go mobile! It’s tough to imagine a world without apps at this point and most loyalty programs have gotten on that bandwagon. It’s critical to offer a mobile solution not only for the changing demographic, but also to up engagement mediums. Members who download and utilize a mobile app can be reached through push messages, geolocation services, etc. Take advantage of this by sending regular thank you messages, program or event promotion, or fundraising reminders. They will not only appreciate the outreach but will be reminded of the benefits associated with their membership through the loyalty program. The beauty of this service is that folks have a choice when it comes to receiving messages to their phone, so connecting with them regularly is welcome.
  • Check in with Social Media. Everyone is, in one way or another, on social media. Use the platform to talk about the benefits of gaining access to the loyalty program. Highlight specific offers, post member testimonials, create a poll to see what members like best- the possibilities are endless.
  • Member newsletters are one of the most straightforward and effective ways to reach your member base to talk about your loyalty program. Similar to Social Media, a newsletter or e-newsletter are the perfect place to highlight benefits, feature member feedback, and give potential donors a taste of what it means to have access to the program.

There are countless ways to interact with your members through your loyalty program and it’s worth exploring the options. Each touch point opens the door for renewals, referrals and increased gifts and ultimately strengthens the relationship. Contact us to find out how we can help your organization increase donor retention.